Computers, Scanning, and Faxing


The Euclid Public Library provides free computer use for patrons. There is a limited number of free pages of black and white printing available each day. Patrons may pay for additional printing at the following rates: 10₵ per page for B&W printing and 25₵ per page for color printing.  All printing must be done on library supplied paper.

Visit the Children's Desk, Help Desk, and Computer Desk for more details on how to access the computers.

Computers are equipped with a variety of productivity software options and internet browsers. 

Computer Classes

The computer class schedule is updated monthly and includes a variety of introductory computer courses. The library also offers One on One Computer Training sessions. To be placed on a waitlist please call 216-261-5300 ext 5100. The computer trainer will call you to schedule a 30 minute session.


The library provides two scanning stations attached to computers in the computer area.  This is useful for when a document needs to be emailed or uploaded to an employment application. Scan to email service is also offered at our printers. The Help Desk and Computer Desk staff members are able to assist with this process.


Outgoing fax service is offered at the checkout desk. Faxing will cost $0.75 per page.  There is a $5.00 minimum for credit card use.

The library cannot receive faxes for patrons. Euclid Library also does not fax to numbers outside the United States.