Summer Camps & Daycares

The Euclid Public Library is happy to accept visits from Summer Camps and Daycares over the summer.

However, we request that Summer Camps and Daycares refrain from bringing groups of more than five (5) children to programs scheduled for the public because:

  • Supplies are limited.
  • EPL staff will often design programs to include caregiver participation for each child. When daycare groups with large numbers of children and a smaller complement of caregivers attend programs, staff are not able to conduct the program as planned. This is a detriment to families who attend our programs.

Euclid Public Library would love to schedule a visit just for your group! To schedule a visit, call Christine Pyles at 216-261-5300 x5140 or Elizabeth Allard at 216-261-5300 x5144.

Please note:

  • We request a 3 weeks' notice to make sure 1) we have adequate staffing levels for the date and time you are requesting, 2) staff have time to plan and purchase supplies, and 3) we have a meeting room available for your group.
  • We may not be able to accommodate your request if we do not have enough staff available or if there is not a meeting room available at your requested time.
  • Some days of the week, it may be difficult to receive groups for visits between 12:00pm and 2:00pm.
  • Euclid Public Library serves the city of Euclid. We can provide staff-led programs for groups located within the city of Euclid only. Groups located outside of the city of Euclid are welcome to visit on their own. However, staff will not be able to facilitate activities and programs for groups traveling from other cities.

For your convenience, we would like to inform counselors and teachers about what to expect when they visit the library. 

  • All campers and counselors should wear a nametag or a t-shirt that identifies their camp. The camp or daycare is responsible for providing nametags if shirts are not an option.
  • Counselors/Adults/Caregivers must remain in the Children's Area and supervise children at all times. Camps/groups with counselors/adults/caregivers who are not supervising the children will be asked to leave. All library rules apply.
  • Notify the Youth Services staff if the group will be coming on a regular basis (same time, same day of the week, same number of campers, etc).
  • The library permits light snacks and beverages. Hot meals and lunches are not permitted in the library.
  • Food and drink is not permitted at the computers.
  • Camps and other large groups will not be permitted to use all of the computers or iPads at the same time. Some must remain available for the general public.
  • If two or more camps are in the library at the same time, the number of computers and iPads that may be used by groups may be limited even further.