Renovation Q&A

Why is the library on the ballot this November?

Euclid Public Library’s 5.6 millage operating renewal expires every five years.  This has been true for our library for over 88 years.  This November, in addition to the 5.6 millage operating renewal levy, EPL also has to include a 1.5 millage Permanent Improvement (PI) levy to make critical repairs and upgrades to the building.

What is a Permanent Improvement (PI) levy?

Just about a decade ago, in 2013, Euclid Public Library completed a $1 million-dollar renovation project.  The Young Adult section was enlarged, the computer area was renovated, power outlets were added to tables, the interior was painted and the carpet was updated.  However, major systems like the roof, electrical system, and HVAC system went untouched.  A PI levy will allow the library to generate funding to renovate and remodel the existing building.

What other resources support the library?

Euclid Public Library receives approximately 41% of our funding from the Public Library Fund through the State of Ohio and 53% of funding from the local property tax from Euclid residents.  In addition, the library receives revenue through grants, fines and fees.  We are thankful to the Friends of the Library and the Euclid Public Library Foundation which provide funds to support programs and enhance services. 

How will the levy renewal funds and the PI levy funds be used?

Funding generated from the 5.6 millage operating renewal levy will be used to maintain hours and services at the library. The funding will support programs, resources, and services that Euclid residents rely upon.

In addition, the 1.5 millage PI levy will support repairs and upgrades to the facility, including the roof, HVAC system, upgrades to the lights and electrical system, and removal of the under-carpet wiring system, which is no longer a viable product.

The residents of Euclid need a STRONG public library!

What’s in the levy for me?

If you visit the library once every two weeks to borrow materials (that you might have paid for through subscriptions or purchases) you will save hundreds of dollars each year. The library provides factual information, programs, and resources for residents of all ages, including WIFI and computer access.

How much will the 5.6 mil renewal levy and 1.5 PI levy cost me?

The 5.6 millage renewal will continue to cost the average $100,000 Euclid homeowner $131 per year.  Euclid homeowners are currently assessed this amount to support the day-to-day operations of the library.  The 1.5 millage PI levy will cost the average $100,000 homeowner in Euclid, $52 per year or less than $5 per month.  

Does Euclid Public Library have other levies?

No.  In 2023, we will celebrate 88 years of service to the residents of Euclid.  We are proud to be an independent library serving the City of Euclid.

Do I pay for the Cuyahoga County Public Library system too?

No. Residents of the City of Euclid only pay for the levy for Euclid Public Library.

If the levy does not pass, will we join the Cuyahoga County Public Library system? No. The Library will continue to work with residents to seek a solution to restoring funding and repairing and upgrading the facility.

Are we going early for the 5.6 millage operating renewal levy?

Yes, the library is seeking a 5.6 millage operating renewal levy early and the addition of the 1.5 millage Permanent Improvement levy.  Funding for the renewal will be received in 2025 as normal and funding for the 1.5 millage PI levy will start in early 2024.  Going early allows the library to save funding for both.